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I had been using essential oils for a few years...dabbling in making personal and household products that are either more environmental or body friendly with a mix of brand names. It was not until I met Mary Hall and was introduced to doTerra that I found the right EO path and partner in my journey.

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First, Mary Hall is simply the best! You know right from the start you are in good hands. Mary genuinely cares about you and not about selling product/making numbers. Second, I feel that doTerra has a breadth of top-quality products and backs their product with a ton of information to help guide you.
- A. R. 

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By growing a doTERRA business you are actively making the world a better place. Behind every bottle of oil is a farmer, a family, and a community. When we have the courage to share these life-changing natural solutions, it creates a ripple effect for good. Always remember how one drop can change the world forever for the better in someone's life.

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