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Why doterra? 

I discovered doTERRA essential oils when I was looking for natural ways to support my health. After using them on myself and realizing the amazing changes in my health, I started sharing the oils.

I have been educating people on how to use doTERRA essential oils for their physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic health since 2012.  I know, that for whatever reason you want to use essential oils, you are going to love them.

What are essential oils

Essential oils are aromatic compounds distilled from plants.  They have been used since ancient times for different maladies.  They are so effective because they naturally compliment our bodies chemistry to create a state of balance and equilibrium in our body, mind, spirit and energy patterns.  Yes, from detoxifying you home, to supporting healthy immune and digestive function to soothing anxious feelings and balancing your chakras.

Today, doTERRA essential oils are on the forefront of scientific research and are being used in many medical facilities because of their effectiveness in supporting the bodies natural healing capabilities.


 Retail:  This is the most expensive option.

Wholesale:  Think Costco, pay $35 and receive 25% off the retail cost.  Order what you want whenever you want.  There are no minimums.

Wholesale + Points:  Choose to join our Loyalty Reward Program after your first month of membership and earn points to redeem for free product.  Save up to 50% off retail price.
The easiest and most cost effective way to purchase doTERRA essential oils is with one of the many starter kits.  Depending on your health goals there is a kit that contains the most popular oils and products that will address these goals.  In addition, with every kit you'll also get FREE wholesale customer pricing with doTERRA and a deeper discount on the oils.

The wholesale savings is 25% off retail prices on every order you place plus savings on shipping.  There are no minimum or monthly orders required.
doTERRA Starter kits
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Why you want to order your oils here!

I am sure you have seen doTERRA oild on Amazon and other online vendors.  In truth the vast majority of these oils are not sanctioned by doTERRA and it is impossible to know what is really in the bottle, many are diluted or adulterated in some way not to mention you  are paying to much for your oils.  When you purchase from here, your oils are shipped direct from doTERRA to your home so you can be confident that you are getting he real deal plus you are receiving the full 25% discount.

You will also receive the benefits of having me to help you learn about essential oils and support you on your wellness journey.  
This includes:
  • 30 minute Wellness Consult to go over your health goals  
  • create a 90 day wellness plan customized to your needs
  • entry into my private members only Facebook community for continuing support to get your questions answered
  • monthly live continuing education classes hosted o Zoom.

With this membership also comes the optional benefit of receiving free product through our Loyalty Reward Program.

It's easy to order

  • Visit my SHOP PAGE or click the "Buy this Kit" above
  • Select Become a Member
  • Select your language and country
  • Select Wholesale Customer
  • Input your personal info (Double check my personal reference #123483)
  • Click process order now

You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA and the a personal email from me to show you how to access our online oil community. 

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